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Reduced to become a low employment rate of an escape of exports, this is not only as the

tragedy of entrepreneurs, but also the tragedy of society as a whole.

The reality is that college students only a small number of entrepreneurial success,

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But also from the GPA into the IPO, many colleges and universities in the country, the

popularity of college students more than most of the business community organizations,

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After 2002, the United States through the "Sarbanes - Oxley Act", the insider traders up to

25 years imprisonment or a fine. financial

After the crisis, the United States through the "Dodd - Frank Act", authorized the SFC to

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Furthermore, the establishment of the reporting system. Crack down on insider trading alone

can not rely solely on the power of government departments, through a strong exposing black

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Transactions and other criminal cases. However, it is worth noting that the total number of

cases transferred since this year 48, the transfer accounted for nearly half, of which many