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A nickname, I see some books or history textbooks may translate it into "Harold Hadrod", but

in fact the Nordic until now

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In front, followed by a hall, the middle is the bonfire, next to the people sitting on both

sides of the long table above. And the Stark family is not a resident army

, Unlike the South have guards or other military forces, Stark family only when they need to

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When people are so silly money so a place, you hurry up, we can conquer here. So he got this

from Angles, Saxon, Jotum

Three Saxons came in three places, and slowly formed the Saxon of the seven countries. The

map to the left is Vestroy, on the right is Saxon

England, the two maps are very similar. After the Anglo-Saxon invasion, England formed

Northumbria, Moxia,

East Anglia, Wessex (West Saxon), Essex (East Saxon), Sussex (South Saxon), and Kent, seven

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. This should be related to modern landforms in Ireland, because there are many small hills,

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There is a problem, and then settled down in that place, after about how many years the flood

came to them all dead. The first three groups of people are the basic reason

Thing, is a group of people go in, because the plague or some other problems, and finally