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In this case,
From the theory and development perspective, the car is clearly worthy of praise. A reporter

to experience carpools found, with the car alone do not fight car behavior
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Compared to the overall increase in revenue in the taxi, under the premise of car prices have

significantly reduced, not only two percent down, but also a price,

In the taxi platform to determine the price in advance, regardless of traffic jam or detour,

do not affect the price.
In this case,
However, the current carpooling experience seems to be still not so perfect place. Such as

reduced car rental costs, but the car did not feel alone

A good car. Obviously, after the implementation of carpooling behavior, the original

passenger space, space and discreet relative to the quasi-private space, will
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Because the stranger to join, suddenly a new sense of imbalance and tension. It is said that

the general feeling of passengers is inexplicable embarrassment. most common

Behavior is, a separate taxi, the passengers and the driver can have no barriers between the

exchange, but the stranger to join, but because of each other

Alert and the emergence of "three (more) personal impressions" of the situation - we often

prefer to bow to play mobile phones, do not want to say a word.
In this case,
In short, the most important question facing the "fight times" is: Do you want to talk to

In this case,
Do not talk to strangers. Used to be a metaphor for our time. The morbid manifestation of

mistrust, not enthusiasm, not mutual, not friends

Love, reflected in the transition from acquaintance society to stranger society in the

process of group adaptation and group indifference. From the individual point of view, is not

the sun

, Not self-confidence, poor communication performance, and on the whole, it may not mean that

social rules, social harmony, social mechanisms still exist

Need to improve the place.
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But no matter how, individual efforts can not always vacancy. Old saying that with the ship

transition III repair, with the car is also a cherished fate;

As the saying goes, people who love laughter is not bad luck, why can not frankly give each

other a smile, a greeting it? Active approach to strangers should be considered

As a kind of politeness, a skill, a social rule, in some countries have long been accustomed

to a stranger society, strangers smile between the initiative, the Lord

Active exchanges, active cooperation, has long been a common landscape. Now "fight the times"

is to create more opportunities to talk to strangers, perhaps