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China's 55-year-old woman Yang Hong (voice) in July this year and the daughter of living

in the United States to study, take the Air France from

Paris, France, flew to the Kennedy International Airport in New York, the suspects proposed

to the Commissioner of sexual bribery, so that a total value of 160,000 US dollars to carry

(about 1.03 million yuan
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Yuan) undeclared daughter successfully cross the border. Yang is currently arrested by the US

National Security Agency agents for customs fraud.

Comprehensive Comments

In my historical view of cognition, the Qin Dynasty has been a tangled dynasty, can not

be used to evaluate the word, can not simply use bad

Word to evaluate, after all, after the completion of the Qin dynasty, after the feudal system

of centralization of the Chinese unified, both laid a unified history of China's future solid

Concept, but at the same time in the unification of the concept of China may enter a

democratic federal state of the historical turning point interrupted, thus establishing a


Millennium unchangeable emperor monopoly, in charge of the world, the centralization of the

emperor mode. There are also many people worship the emperor, that the emperor will

Chinese civilization to flourish, and let China to achieve a unified. This statement is

obviously more naive, Qin Shi Huang will really carry forward the Chinese civilization

Everbright? On the contrary, the Chinese civilization is in the hands of Qin Shi Huang began

to shrink, and ultimately devoid of a large part of the essence of the Chinese prophets
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Until now, some five mao also firmly believe that democracy, freedom and other ideas are

entirely Western species, the Chinese land is not suitable, but also from the

To have not had this advanced thinking.

This is the blind worship of an emperor became stupid after the typical appearance, the

beginning of the Chinese civilization from the Federal vassal state, although the emperor has


But reduced to furnishings, but the vassal king is still dedicated to the emperor, at the

same time in their own state of the intellectuals have a high degree of courtesy, whether


Or later Mozi, Shang Yang and Zhuangzi, Mencius, in the vassal state to spread their ideas
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are respected, courteous, regardless of their