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Thought is suitable for its country. From Jixia Academy to the various countries of the

academic contention environment, a hundred schools of thought contend the market is from a
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variety of countries,

In our view is war, but we can not avoid is precisely this state was derived from the Chinese

splendid ideas and culture. Mozi

Is not the Chinese budding buddhist democracy? Yang Zhu's hair is not the birth of

liberalism? Not because you're used to tyranny

On the requirements of all people are not used to? Then after the reunification of the Qin

Shi Huang, good bow is not just possession of generals, white, Meng Tian of the sad not worth


Less sadness, after all, is the rage, the disappearance of various literary works, the

occurrence of Confucianism is the biggest tragedy of the Chinese civilization, sad, after

all, a national support

Exhibition will not only be military, must rely mainly on the culture and economy.So what is

the Qin Dynasty worthy of recognition? Is undoubtedly the Shang Yang reform, is poor is

thinking of the national thinking, is to damage the interests of the old aristocracy,

The liberation of slaves, to give the civilian population in the Warring States period of

rising channels to break the inherent interests of the group, the national blood circulation
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smooth reform of the hair

Exhibition thinking, this is the need for certain. But this certainly need to have some

thinking, legalist so-called rule of law, in the end is what kind of rule of law? we

See the Qin Huiwen Wang wins Si law (芈 eight her husband) by the martial law of exile

punishment, including the son of God, Gongsun Valley two nobles Prince

Fu was implicated in being cut nose and other penalties, although deterred the Qin

aristocracy, to protect the implementation of the new law, but in fact the implementation of

the future

, The rule of the ancient dynasty is still only rule the people and the old aristocracy, once

the Qin Dynasty in the reform of unified China, immediately stop the reform, power is not

And then think about how peacetime law will continue to improve on the rights of the people

and the new aristocracy to get rid of the interests of change, the collapse of the building
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is only an instant crash