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, The reason is that legal thought has not been established, the reform stagnation. Jia Yi

said: Fen VI more than strong. I did not expect to reach the sixth world remains, but

Even I have not finished, the emperor Chiaki industry, how sad and ridiculous?
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We look at history, not to see how many princes in history in the end the meritorious

deeds, we want to see how to avoid these princes will phase with the name of the people

Under the banner, such as: "the princes will be rather kind of peace?", "And other low-lying,

equal field-free grain", "all uniform.No ubiquitous,

warm. Tianxia Ren Tian, ??the world people with farming and so on. None of these men who made

these slogans did so for the sake of their own kingship.

The largest landlord, not one is not to engage in the largest uneven. From Chen Sheng to Liu

Bang and then to Li Zicheng and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, an uprising all the time

Is the ordinary people bear the greatest disaster. So how to avoid? The first is the

awakening of public awareness, the world has numerous examples. Second

Is the power of self-examination, the occurrence of any kind of uprising, the reason why the
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history books are described as justice, its roots are the power of the stupid

, Incompetent, not now in power, and asked the people to do the propaganda can settle down.

Now the Qin Dynasty heat, from the "Qin Empire" to "Biography", we are watching
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historical drama? No, we are all looking at our past