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Reduced to become a low employment rate of an escape of exports, this is not only as the

tragedy of entrepreneurs, but also the tragedy of society as a whole.

The reality is that college students only a small number of entrepreneurial success,

willingness and ab coach shoulder bags cheapility to participate in entrepreneurship, and only a small part of college


. Look at those unscrupulous media publicity was very successful case of college students

start it: sell beef noodles, rice noodles, open restaurants, open Taobao

Shop, and do micro-business to sell the mask ... ... When the "entrepreneurial" when people

over-consumption, often confusing this situation: it is difficult to distinguish

Clear "business" and ordinary "business" What is the difference. Today's college students and

many entrepreneurs, I think of the last century 80,90 years have

Popular word "sea", and "self-employed households." Today, selling these beef noodles,

tomorrow to send a lunch of "entrepreneurial young talent" is not just like

Is the reform and opening up the initiative from the system, jump into the flood of market

economy in the individual retail it? In fact, with "self-employed" and "the sea."

"This vocabulary to describe them has been very appropriate, and if you have to be
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deliberately known as entrepreneurship, I think this is hypocritical, very hypocritical.

Today, many entrepreneurs, especially college students entrepreneurs, nothing more than be

beaten by the blood of the self-employed, the so-called business, but also played the ideal

The blood of the sea. This is a very simple truth, we pretend not to know, more pretending to

be that we clearly from the "business" push the word

Know its meanin coach satchels cheap g, but also choose to avoid talking. As the name suggests, the first premise

of entrepreneurship is to be "created" or "innovation", and,