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A nickname, I see some books or history textbooks may translate it into "Harold Hadrod", but

in fact the Nordic until now
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Icelanders in the absence of such a surname. Hareráei meaning, directly translated into

English words are "hard rule", can be seen from the name

He is a very iron-fisted man. Because his uncle and son of Knut the Great Harduacnut (1040-42

King of England) had about

That if the king had died and nobody had succeeded, the uncle would have succeeded to the

king of England, but the uncle himself had no heirs,

He moved to Harold.

So now there are two people, one in the north (Norway Harold), one in the south (William),

said I have the power to the throne. versus

At the same time, England's Harold is tantamount to proximity, then he has succeeded to the

throne. William and Norway's Harold certainly do not agree

, So with the army down. At that time the environment is completely look at the wind, so

England's Harold is miserable, he is equivalent to
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Only in about the central south, near London to be a life. At first the wind was blowing

southward, so Norway's Harold in September from the north

Down, landed in northern Yorkshire, September 20 in Fulford this place and the Saxon army

conducted a fierce battle. Led Saxon

The two count of the army were defeated by him.

But at the same time, England's Harold saw the northern army first down, and quickly took the

soldiers up, and then outside in York, Sri Lanka

The Timford Bridge, a place that blocks the Norwegian army. The two battles were only five
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days away, and the Norwegian army had not yet been completely repaired