World of Warcraft Classic and deluded memories

Warriors are the tanks in Vanilla WoW. The warrior's weaknesses are wow classic gold his intense dependence on the gear (you don't want to collect animal collections ), and that he is relatively hard to level.

As a warrior warrior who doesn't have to pay attention to resistances due to his physical damage, you'll have few problems, but you will find yourself in midfield in ranged fighter harm. In the Raid, you're usually responsible for removing Rage effects with Lulling Shot, but for your Ranged harm you're more likely to find Mages and Warlocks.

In PvP it's great burst damage, but is also fast in the dirt. Similar to warriors, rogues, and felons, you are determined by your firearms for which you've got to fight with other hunters. While levelingthanks to your companion, you're among the fastest courses at par 60 - but remember to feed your pet at all times.

As a sorcerer, you can't quite match the damage of mages, but almost. However, for that you have to look far away from the creature sets. You are dependent on the debuff, to keep the damage high. From the event debuffs that are essential are maintained by you, have a portal as well as health stones, become a course in PvP and level at level 60.

You are an absolute support class on a good healer and side. Instead of distributing boon, you provide your totems, which are valuable in every situation. Unless you have good equipment as an Amplifier and Elemental Shaman, like the Retribution Paladin, you get a hard time getting into the raid.

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